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TelMAX is Durham’s 100% fibre internet provider – our goal is to offer the fastest, most reliable internet with the best local customer service. We believe that 100% fibre directly to your home is the most reliable way to provide you with the speed that you need to handle all of your devices as well as work and learning from home! Keep reading to see why fibre is the present and future of home internet!

DSL vs Cable vs Fibre Overview

  • DSL utilizes your telephone lines, but it does not interrupt your phone use. It’s a step above dial-up internet, but it’s still the slowest of all other modern options.
  • Cable internet reaches your home through the same coaxial cables that your TV service likely uses. It also offers an improved connection speed over DSL.
  • Fibre optic cables are the gold standard for internet. Fibre internet utilizes these optic lines that are made of many small fibres of glass. With this method, data is actually sent at the speed of light, since it is not electricity that is being sent through the lines, but light. Up until now, fibre internet hasn’t been readily available within Durham – telMAX is changing that!

DSL vs Cable vs Fibre: Speeds Overview

For help understanding what speeds each technology is capable of delivering, see image below.

Providers of DSL and Cable internet advertise speeds as “up to” X Mbs. This is done because these speeds vary greatly depending on the number of customers who are currently active on the network. So, during peak periods, realized speeds will likely be on the lower end of the range.

Providers of 100% fibre internet can provide the actual speed, both download and upload, which they are selling to the customer regardless of how many customers are active on the network.

Why Upload Speeds Matter

Upload speed represents the rate at which you can send data from your connected devise to the internet. This has a big impact on tasks such as sending email with large attachments or photos, using Cloud storage, video conferencing and gaming. For most consumers, who are working or schooling from home, upload speed is becoming just as important as download speed.

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