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Fireplace trends help create attractive, comfortable rooms

Fireplaces are useful features in a home. They are sources of ambient heat and also add style to indoor spaces.

Fireplaces can complement just about any interior style. They can be traditional and burn wood or connect to a home’s natural gas supply for on-demand ambiance. What’s more, fireplaces may come in vented or ventless varieties, depending on homeowners’ preferences and what is allowed by community building codes. That means a chimney or flue may not be needed – expanding the list of rooms where a fireplace can be installed.
Certain trends have emerged among fireplace fans in recent years. Here’s a look at what’s getting consumers fired up about these home decor elements.

Minimalist style: Many fireplaces are designed in neutral colours with minimal trim that directs focus on the fire and not the appliance. When the fireplace is not in use, it blends in with surroundings and will not compete for attention with other design elements.

Convertible fireplaces: Homeowners can choose between open or sealed fireplaces. A convertible fireplace enables homeowners to have the best features of these options. A convertible fireplace can be converted to wood from gas, or the opposite, in as little as 30 minutes.

Nature-inspired materials: Natural stone continues to be a material of choice in fireplace surrounds. Light colours work well for a fireplace, and also fit with today’s lighter colour interior design preferences. Natural stone also works perfectly with both contemporary and rustic decor.

Vintage fireplaces: Vintage continues to be a buzzword in 2022, and the choice to go vintage also applies to fireplace styles. A room decorated in vintage elements can be complemented with a vintage fireplace or one designed to look vintage.

Integrate into wall decor: Fireplaces that are built right into a wall save space. One can have a television and a fireplace on the same wall. These types of fireplaces work well in modern home designs. Other fireplaces may be built into bookshelves or other wall features.
Fireplaces can improve the appeal of a home. Various trends are popular this year, making fireplaces highly coveted features.

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